My name is Hanna Benihoud. I am an Architect and Artist. I am a born and bred ‘Norf’ Londoner and wherever I am in the world London flows in my blood.

Being an Architect is about more than just buildings. You have to imagine what it is like to be someone else. Being an Artist gives me the ability to use those practical & empathetic skills in real time and engage with people directly.

In 2014 I started an art practice diving into the world of fine art whilst working as an Architect in East London. Slowly I realised the line between my art and architecture worlds were blurred. One practice completely informed the other. In 2017 I started my own interdisciplinary studio that merged them both working on projects that straddle the two disciplines.

I am passionate about the things I believe in and I am addicted to challenging myself which dictates my decision making the majority of the time. Whether it be working with contractors on site or having my first boxing fight I am committed to working as hard as I can, which can be summarized in a greys anatomy quote:

What’s that saying... Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.
— Meredith Grey - Greys Anatomy

Follow me on Instagram where I document my creative process including my personal projects. The latest being a 100 day illustration project documenting contradictions.