Open Studios at EuroArt 2019

Opening Night:
FRIDAY 7th JUNE.  6pm - 10pm.
Opening Times:
SATURDAY & SUNDAY 8th & 9th JUNE.  2pm - 6pm.
Free Entry / Bar on Friday / Complimentary Tea & Coffee on Saturday & Sunday.

The much-anticipated annual Euroart Open Studios weekend is an opportunity for visitors to meet the artists in their unique workspaces and buy affordable original artworks directly from them.


Community Crossing_ 10 Blocks of Passion_Vancouver BC_2018

Community Crossing is a three dimensional mural that is situated in Railtown next to Railtown Cafe.

Flock_ WhiteCross Street Party_London UK_2018

Flock LDN is part of a 3 month art show that has turned White Cross Street into an outdoor gallery. Flock is a large scale installation suspended between 2 buildings


Flock_ The Aviary_Vancouver BC_2018

Flock YVR is a living installation that uses the pages from books of female authors to explore how the creativity, dedication, and power of women has shaped and continues to shape the world we live in.


Winteraction_Vancouver BC_2018

LuminoCITY installation is part of winteraction. Winteraction is a collaborative initiative run by several urban catalysts that live and work in Canada and Europe. Through winteraction we want to achieve greater awareness for the state of our urban public life, in reaction to the rising number of people affected by seasonal sadness and social isolation.


Culture Crawl_Vancouver BC_2017

"I loved stepping into the installation and being completely immersed. I couldn’t help but look up and feel a sense of wonder"

Jamie Smith - Founder of Thrive

"Sculptor to see at the East Side Culture Crawl" - Georgia Straight


4 IN A ROOM_Vancouver BC _2017

4 women from 4 different countries with 4 disciplines telling 4 different stories. 


Kyubu Grand Opening_Vancouver BC _2017

"(Rise and Shine) was perfect" - Jen Yamasaki, Founder of Kyubu





Le Hangover_ MakerLabs_2017

"(Rise and Shine) is so stunning. It brought wistful joy to the space. It was a pleasure working with you, more to come we hope"

-ManUp Drag


Hampstead Heath Affordable Art Fair 2016

An annual showcase of original art. More than 100 galleries under one roof with artworks priced between £100 - £6,000.


INSERT [ART] HERE_Jan 4, 2016 to Feb 29, 2016

East London based Curious Duke Gallery curate a 2-month festival of art meets interior design. Insert Art Here brings together artwork from the gallery’s 60 artists and interior designers as we question what to consider when buying art, and how to install your art


Street Stories_The Art House_August 2015

A collaboration of artists, film makers and live performance at the Art House.


London Festival of Architecture_City of Stories_June 2015

“What started off as an incredibly ambitious idea from Hanna Benihoud resulted in an emotional journey for everyone involved,”

Emma Brophy, CRASH, 2015


Festival of Love_Feburary 2015

"The final piece that Hanna developed, as complex and detailed as it must have been to create, was simply jaw dropping. We had the piece up for four days, and hundreds of people walked in and out of the room, standing amongst the hanging birds whilst anecdotally connecting to the themes explored in the piece. Working with Hanna was an easy and joyful process, and the result…mesmerising.”

Hannah Peirce, Manager at Earl Haig Hall, 2015


Celebrabis Vitae_November 2014

Quotes about Phyllis:

"One of the surprise pieces at the show."

Skull Appreciation Society 2014

"Another fantastic piece from the recent Celebrabis Vitae exhibition from Skull Appreciation Society! "

Skull-A-Day 2014