Artist's Statement


I am inspired by the process of making things and I'm passionate about creating spaces for people to experience. Creating large scale installations that tell a story or unite a community is a labour of love that is always worth the work. Each piece of work I see as a design challenge. Therefore the media I use is ever changing depending on what best suits the project both structurally and conceptually.  

The research and development of each project is as important as the final piece, engaging people in the process so everyone is emotionally invested in the final outcome. The repetitive nature of elements means it takes a commitment of time, patience and energy which in turn can create bonds and forge relationships between people as you mutually give and take. 

Each project takes careful planning so I use computer modeling soft-wear to design and prepare the build of the installation piece. Doing this reduces the margin of error for projects that sit in the public space. I have experience of designing for public realm and I fully understand the process of obtaining permissions, thorough consultation needed with different groups of people as well as the complexity of logistics.  

My process and inspiration comes from being an Architect. Training in the UK takes 7 years and in that time I fell in love with the manipulation of space and the art of making. Working in a practice for 5 years which valued people, taught me the importance of engaging a community in your work and an understanding of the end user.  

Being an architect is about more than just buildings. You have to imagine what it is like to be someone else. Being an artist gives you the ability to use those practical & empathetic skills in real time and engage with people directly.

Levitt Bernstein_LFA City of Stories_The installation_Copyright_Marsha Dunstan.jpg