Hanna Benihoud
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Welcome to my studio. My name is Hanna Benihoud and I am an Artist and an Architect.  My practice explores both these worlds and the fascinating space in-between. My work thrives with community engagement. I make art to build community.

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I began my art practice in 2014 I have no fixed medium, working with anything from concrete to helium balloons. The common themes in my work are narrative, exploration of space, human behavior and community engagement. My passion is for artwork that goes on to serve a community. My work has been sold and built internationally.   

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Often my work is collaborative, sitting within a larger project. Acting as a consultant within a design team ensures that public art work is not just a token gesture but an integral part of a larger scheme. My experience as an artist and architect allows me to bring these two worlds closer together blurring the boundaries.



I work as a freelance consultant architect in London for practices I find inspiring. For 6 years I worked full time within large practices focusing on residential and commercial developments in central London, UK. The opportunity to contribute and change lives of a local community made me passionate and dedicated to delivering quality architecture with real people in mind.



I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades and a master of problem solving. If I don't know how to do something, chances are I have worked with someone who does. Continuous collaboration with established clients, artists, designers, makers and architects contributes to my breadth of knowledge.  No ideas are off limits.


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What started off as an incredibly ambitious idea from Hanna Benihoud resulted in an emotional journey for everyone involved
— CRASH’s Emma Brophy
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