This project began in Vancouver and evolved and migrated to the UK. The original project focused on the voice of women in literature changing the narrative of the female experience. Continuing the exploration this second piece focuses on the 100 year celebration of women having the vote and the effect women have on politics. For this project Benihoud uses large scale origami to represent 100 ballot papers. Collectively they are suspended in front of the Curious Duke Gallery as a murmuration.

When googling the collective noun for women you get either a ‘gaggle of women’ or an ‘impatience of wives’ I wanted to create something that would visually represent the power of the female collective. Flock is inspired by murmurations, where birds flock together for safety in numbers, to keep warm, and to exchange information. I found this behavior to be the perfect metaphor for the plight of women today. As the installation is assaulted by the city, the beauty is not in it’s perfection but in it’s resilience.

The piece suspended above White Cross Street in London between July-September 2018.